Why do “good” clubs win?

Ever wonder why the top club programs always seem to win nationally and why their players always seem in sync? Undoubtedly they have some top talent and great pools to draw from, but that’s only part of the winning formula. A system of training is what elevates their program to have that X-factor.

They start training their players from the youngest ages all the way up the ranks with the same philosophies, styles, and drills across the board. Drills of course are scaled between 18 to 12’s, but the same principles and concepts are emphasized. Practices are master planned and run with one vision and direction. Coaches play a vital role in keeping drills running and the vision of the club in check.

What are the benefits:

Consistency. While of course we love to believe all coaches are Olympic level, the reality is many coaches are still developing and learning about coaching, but have a passion to share and give back. So it eliminates to a large degree the roller coaster of coaches in clubs. Sometimes you have a great year with a coach and then sometimes it’s a tough year. But the big thing is never having a player say to the next year coach, “but my coach told me to do XYZ.” One method of passing, one method of hitting, etc.

Accountability. This comes down to taking responsibility for all aspects of practice and being held to the high standards. Simple things like never leaving a ball on the ground for too long to helping to run drills and gaining extra reps. Systems have purpose and structure as a program versus just coaches having rules. The policies don’t vary between age levels and are maintained at a high level.

Familiarity. This eliminate teams of all new players each year and the necessity for extra team bondings. Players in a system tend to return and play together with less movement between years. Playing with similar teammates and ones that move up or down, but have the same training, helps development at an accelerated level.

In short, think to yourself what type of system is your club running and is there consistency, accountability, and familiarity between age levels. We are in our second year of establishing our system and have fantastic support structures in place to learn and develop at a high level. After my trip to Japan I took away more knowledge than ever in what systems can do for a club and learned many new tools and ideas of how to implement successfully. We never assume to know everything, but consistently and aggressively push forward in evolving and developing. We look forward to our season ahead and having you experience the difference MVP system training can make for you. No matter where you end up, I thank you for giving us a look, and hope you have a slightly better perspective on how to evaluate your club options.

Patrick Bieser

Director of MVP