Hello Recruiters,

A quick few notes to help you navigate our site and understand our programs. We have Blue & Green are Nationals Teams. Blue are the 1s and Green are the 2's. We also have Regional Programs our Black Teams and those are the 3's.

To find specific players, grad years, positions, and more please navigate to Programs - Girls or Boys - National Program - Select Team (find more details about players and coach contact info)

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Jersey # Name Position Commitment Team
5 Heidi Abramavicius Setter Undecided 18-Blue
9 Autumn Amack Middle Undecided 18-Blue
15 Sydney Burris Right Side,Middle Undecided 18-Blue
8 Nicole Censky Outside Hitter,Middle UW-Oshkosh 18-Blue
13 Camille Jefferson Outside Hitter Gardner-Webb University 18-Blue
21 Riley Kindt Middle Undecided 18-Blue
1 Betsy Lepak Right Side,Outside Hitter Undecided 18-Blue
10 Abigail Manthey DS/L Carroll College 18-Blue
4 Alisa Mendez Setter,Right Side Undecided 18-Blue
3 Tahya Pozorski DS/L Jacksonville State University 18-Blue
99 Brelynn Scoles DS/L,Outside Hitter Undecided 18-Blue
12 Madeline Siedenburg Outside Hitter Undecided 18-Blue
10 Sophia Brown Middle Undecided 17-Blue
8 Arlena Cross Outside Hitter Undecided 17-Blue
17 Makayla Eckel Right Side Undecided 17-Blue
31 Chloee Epker Setter Undecided 17-Blue
15 Hannah Franson Outside Hitter Undecided 17-Blue
2 Abigail Gardner DS/L UW-Greenbay 17-Blue
12 Rylie Gregg Right Side Undecided 17-Blue
16 Megan Hawthorne DS/L Undecided 17-Blue
3 Katelyn Lefler Setter Illinois State University 17-Blue
11 Kayla Lewinski Outside Hitter Undecided 17-Blue
28 Lauren Sitter Middle Undecided 17-Blue
13 Jacqueline Stegmayer Outside Hitter Undecided 17-Blue
1 Maddie Connor S/RS Undecided 16-Blue
14 Makenzie Fish OH/MB Undecided 16-Blue
15 Emily Gehrke MB Undecided 16-Blue
5 Maddie Green OH/DS Undecided 16-Blue
11 Hannah Kuhlman OH/RS Undecided 16-Blue
18 Sophie McCormack OH/RS Undecided 16-Blue
19 Fiona McDermit DS/S Undecided 16-Blue
34 Brooke Porter OH Undecided 16-Blue
4 Nora Raasch L Undecided 16-Blue
22 Rebecca Siedenburg S/RS Undecided 16-Blue
7 Ella Unterweger OH/MB Undecided 16-Blue
6 Hannah Brown OH/RS Undecided 16-Green
27 Devin Esch OH Undecided 16-Green
2 Lauren Hill DS/L Undecided 16-Green
1 Lexi Kilton S Undecided 16-Green
55 Navaeh Liebl MB Undecided 16-Green
3 Sydney Milhouse RS/OH Undecided 16-Green
17 Ella Milsted DS/RS Undecided 16-Green
10 Maggie Murphy MB Undecided 16-Green
11 Cassidy Stahl DS/L Undecided 16-Green
5 Leah Leffler S Undecided 16-Green
4 Lexi Bugajski Setter,Right Side Undecided 15-Blue
2 Paige Harter DS/L Undecided 15-Blue
17 Maya Karnowski Right Side Undecided 15-Blue
3 Ella Kern Outside Hitter Undecided 15-Blue
8 Alexandra Kreutzmann Setter,Right Side Undecided 15-Blue
18 Gabi Marshall Middle Undecided 15-Blue
14 Lauren Olson Outside Hitter Undecided 15-Blue
9 Kendall Rakowski Right Side,Middle Undecided 15-Blue
7 Peyton Schmidt Outside Hitter Undecided 15-Blue
1 Meghan Schultz Middle Undecided 15-Blue
24 Ryleigh Zeller DS/L Undecided 15-Blue
1 Ellie Connor Setter Undecided 15-Green
5 Maya Haug Outside Hitter Undecided 15-Green
3 Madeline Kitowski DS/L Undecided 15-Green
14 Savannah Lapp Outside Hitter Undecided 15-Green
10 Charlotte(Charlie) Lund Right Side Undecided 15-Green
2 Claire Purtell DS/L Undecided 15-Green
11 Taylor Scaffido Outside Hitter Undecided 15-Green
12 Veronica Schoenauer Setter Undecided 15-Green
78 Katherine Sheldon Middle Undecided 15-Green
7 Kaitlyn Tavera Middle Undecided 15-Green
17 Lily Baranowski Right Side Undecided 15-Green