Quick Highlights:

  • Practice 3/days per week (14-1+)
  • 1 hour/week pro explosive training
  • Competitive tournament schedule
  • Practice with same age group
  • 1’s & 2’s Teams from 13+ AAU Nationals (18’s USAV Nationals)
  • 1’s & 2’s Teams similar tournament schedule
  • Practice Dec. - June (18’s end in April)

With two teams finishing 9th at the 2019 AAU Nationals, the Girls' National Program is looking to push even further this season. We believe that skills and a high degree of technical training is the way to compete at a national level and position your daughters for the best chance to play at the collegiate level.

We have overhauled the program for the 2020 season. We have increased the number of training days (practices) to three per week and built in professional level training weekly at NX Level into practices. The NX Level training this year will be heavily focused on plyometrics (jump training) and agility/speed development.

Practices will all be master planned and implemented from a top down manner to bring the same level of training to each and every team in our program. We will all follow a system to ensure all players are learning the same verbiage, movements, techniques, and skills. Teams that execute nationally at a high level all follow a system. The system is predicated on players working year to year in our program and developing as units. We see big things from this implementation of consistency.


We have implemented a system based training for all our girls teams at every age level this year. The purpose is to provide consistency in technique, skill development, and training so as players move through our program they never get conflicting coaching. The goal is to be able to pull any player from any team and slot them in without missing a beat. The training will be fast paced, competitive, and cutting edge. The essence of our system is to maximize reps and touches, with every drill predicated to build on the past one and eliminate down time. Every practice will be pre-planned and every team will run the same basic plan.


  • Explosive Training Sessions at NX Level
    • w/ Professional Trainers - team dependent
  • Master Coaching
  • NCSA Profiles for all ages
  • HUDL for most national teams
  • Competitive Tournament Schedule
    • JVA World Challenge
    • Badger Power League
    • Badger Region Championships
    • AAU Nationals – Orlando, FL
  • 12 - 24 Tournament Days, age dependent
  • Extensive Uniform Package
  • Private Lessons Available