Japan Training

Our Director Patrick Bieser, will be traveling to Japan before season starts, for just over a week to go train and develop with the premier club and professional programs in the world. Japanese players are unquestionably the best technically trained players in the world, especially when it comes to first contacts. They play as units and are remarkably disciplined players. This opportunity is unique in the Wisconsin area and something that will serve to bolster our club to a new level of training across the board for every age level.

He will be traveling with a small group of other top volleyball programs, including Xcel, Washington Volleyball Academy, SPVB and a few others from around the country, but will have unprecedented access to coaches and training sessions. He looks forward to sharing updates on our social media. This type of coaching and director development is unique to every club in Wisconsin and the nation.

Why does this matter to your sons and daughters? His goal is to ramp-up and add to the world class system of training we are implementing. He will bring to the MVP system their drill concepts and techniques and will be present at the vast majority of practices this year to not only share with our fantastic staff of coaches, but also work with many of the girls helping elevate their game to the style and training he will experience in Japan. We are taking an exciting step forward as a program and look forward to having you in our program this year at any of our levels.